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Talkoot is a customizable “software appliance” to build collaborative portals for Earth Science services and analysis workflows. Talkoot is leveraging Drupal, an open architecture platform, to provide the core Content Management System capabilities required by an online collaborative portal. Drupal also has a vast array of specialized modules that have been developed by its user community to provide additional features. Talkoot is adding Earth science specific modules to provide data searching, processing, analysis plus many other capabilities.

Talkoot Overview

On the emerging “Social Web,” millions of people offer their knowledge online in a collective knowledge system comprising an active community of motivated members posting problems and solutions in blogs, forums, mailing lists, collaborative portals and other Web 2.0 technologies. A small but growing number of scientists and researchers are beginning to harness these Web 2.0 technologies as a transformative way of doing science. Since communication is at the heart of science, these technologies provide researchers easy mechanisms to critique, suggest, and share ideas, data and algorithms. These technologies complement formal means of sharing knowledge via conferences and published papers, where it is impossible to share all the research details, and where negative results are rarely included.

What can you do with Talkoot?

  • Talkoot allows you to install and configure an online collaborative portal faster, easier and cheaper.
  • Talkoot allows you to customize features for your collaboration needs ranging from simply sharing reports/notes between project team members to sharing full analysis workflows with data within a community.
  • Talkoot provides a core set of Drupal web 2.0 social networking features such as forums, chats, ratings, tagging, tag cloud for searches, etc to help you build an online community.
  • Talkoot allows you to customize access and capabilities to different sets of users.

Talkoot Capabilities

Build science collaborative portal solutions for

  • Data Portals
  • Field Projects
  • Science Mission Teams
  • Data Processing and Analysis Management
  • Citizen Science Efforts

Deploy a complete collaborative portal configured to your requirements in days!


Talkoot is a customizable "software appliance" to build collaborative portals for Earth Science services and analysis workflows.

Talkoot Modules

Existing Talkoot Modules

  • Service Registry
  • Experiment
  • Download Experiments
  • Project Reports
  • Data Search
  • Workflow
  • Workflow Queue
  • Workflow Clone
  • Workflow Composer
  • sFTP

by Dr. Radut