GLIDER Project

Original Name: Service Mashups for Mining and Analysis with World Wind 
The project has been renamed to GLIDER: Globally Leveraged Integrated Data Explorer for Research 
NASA’s strategic objectives statethe need to improve the scientific and technological capabilities of thenation. Today’s researchers and studentshave a difficult time fully exploiting the large volumes of NASA satelliteimagery data, in part due to lack of tools that can provide full spectrum ofvisually browsing remote data, analyzing part or whole of the full imagery and extractingthematic information using advanced mining capabilities.  To address this problem, we propose tointegrate NASA World Wind, Interactive Visualizer and the Image Classifier forSatellites (IVICS) and the Algorithm Development and Mining (ADaM) toolkitusing service mash-ups.  By leveraging the suite of existing mining andimage processing services created by a current ACCESS project, the proposedintegration will be both effective and inexpensive. 
The goal of this proposal is tointegrate World Wind, IVICS and ADaM into a single seamless tool; evaluate thetool in research and academic settings using specific science case studies andstudent projects; refine and customize the tool based on feedback in order totransition it into a deliverable tool useful for diverse applications with awide variety of NASA imagery.  Theproposed tasks include:  (1) Modifications to the existing components, (2)Component integration via service mash-ups, and (3) Tool evaluation byresearchers and students.
Since World Wind, IVICS and ADaM are well established mature tools withspecific capabilities. Synergisticallyintegrating these individual tools will result in a complete, comprehensive,easy to use tool for thematic information extraction from NASA imagery.